Board Meeting Notes

POA Board Meeting

December 13, 2017

Present:  Paul Lake, Jeff Fluegel, Brian Wickman, Kristin Clardy, Mark Martin, Rachel Fisher, Steve Sorenson, Beth Amundson

Not Present:  Pat Harvey-Slager, Michael Huemmer

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm by Paul Lake

Update on current Brushy Bend Park DR issue

The petition for a court hearing regarding fence violations at 1505 Brushy Bend Drive is closed.  The property was sold.  The new homeowner has relocated the fence.

Financial Report

There is $12,006 in the treasury.  Outstanding bills are approximately $2216 attorney fees and $1050 for D&O insurance

Social Committee

The Halloween Hayride was a success. Even though we had dreary evening, approximately 75 people came to enjoy hot dogs, chips, drinks and go trick or treating on the hay wagons.  Most the bales of hay loaned from the Georgetown Feed Store were sold to homeowners. Fund raising ideas were discussed about having non-members of the POA make a donation at our social events to offset expenses.

The Neighborhood Assistance committee committed to put up the Christmas lights on December 14.  The board voted to spend $100 on new decorations.

Membership Committee

Ten households have paid their 2018 dues.  Kristin will re-send a “Please sign up” e-mail and ask anyone attending the annual meeting to remit 2018 dues if they have not already done so.  In 2017 35% of BBP households paid dues.

Methods of increasing paid membership were discussed.

Architectural Committee

A registered-certified letter will be sent to the homeowner of 1300 Brushy Bend Drive regarding their fence that is in violation of the deed restrictions.

1300 Brushy Bend is currently the only active investigation.

Jeff Fluegel went over the proposed changes to the Deed Restrictions, and there was discussion regarding each of the major sections. Reviewing changes to our current Deed Restrictions will represent a major portion of next month’s annual meeting.

Paul Lake discussed the process of installing revised deed restrictions.  He will talk with the attorney about specific actions needed to bring the revised DRs to a vote.

Brian Wickman  and Jeff Fluegel will create a cover letter and Paul Lake will create a return postcard to be included in the new DR package mailed to property owners.  Rachel Fischer agreed to print mailing labels for the proposed DRs to be sent to property owners.

New Business

Beth Amundson said she will not be seeking re-election for secretary.  Mark Martin and Kristen Clardy also stated they will not be continuing in their current board positions.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20pm

Beth Amundson, Secretary BBP POA


POA Board Meeting
September 6, 2017

Present:  Paul Lake, Jeff Fluegel, Brian Wickman, Pat Harvey-Slager, Kristin Clardy, Mark Martin, Beth Amundson

Not Present:  Rachel Fisher, Steve Sorenson, Michael Huemmer

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm by Paul Lake

Treasurers Report
Paul Lake reported for Steve Sorenson that there is $11,998 in the treasury

Update on DR Violations
A petition for a court hearing was delivered to the homeowner at 1505 Brushy Bend Drive on August 30, 2017, regarding her fence that is in violation of the deed restrictions.  Homeowner has 15 days from receipt of the letter to respond before legal proceedings are initiated.

Social Committee
It is estimated that 5-6 large trailers –twice that number if using smaller trailers—will be needed to carry 100-120 children on the Halloween Hayride.  Hayride will be on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.  Paul will try to get the hay from the same Georgetown source used last year.  It was suggested that a contest be held for “best costume” for the younger kids.

Architectural Review Committee
The original Brushy Bend Park deed restrictions state that a simple majority of property owners is needed to enact changes to the deed restrictions.  That is currently about 104 property owners.  The affidavit of proposed changes is ready to be mailed.

The issue of a fence at 1300 Brushy Bend is still pending.  A letter of abatement will probably need to be sent to the homeowner.

Paul Lake will talk to the county about having a constable talk to the homeowner on Brushy Bend Drive about the lot full of disabled vehicles.  Keeping junk vehicles on your property is a violation of the deed restrictions and Texas Neighborhood Nuisance Statute.

Membership Committee
Kristin Clardy set up a membership drive table at the picnic in July.  She spoke with several people (not currently members) about joining.  It was decided that a list of positive reasons for joining the POA was needed.  Paul will put together a preliminary list and get it to Kristin.

Kristin will be recruiting members at the Hayride.  Anyone joining at that time will have membership from November 2017 through December 2018.

Pat Harvey-Slager will update the front page of the website.  He has been updating the membership list.

Community Affairs
Brian Wickman said there are no updates on the rebuild/new build of the bridge at Brushy Creek and Great Oaks.

There have been 5 homes sold so far in 2017, 1 home sale is pending.  Homes are being sold for $155-208/sq ft.

Neighborhood Assistance
Brian will get the names of the new homeowners to Kristin, she will take Welcome Wagon packets to them.

A newsletter is going to be compiled and will include reasons to join the POA and address how to sign up with Aqua Water to be included on their notifications list.

New Business
Paul will contact the church to reserve January 11, 18 or 25 for the annual POA meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm

Beth Amundson
Secretary BBP POA

Brushy Bend Park
POA Board Meeting
February 22, 2017

Present:  Paul Lake, Steve Sorenson, Jeff Fluegel, Brian Wickman, Pat Harvey-Slager, Michael Huemmer, Kristin Clardy, Mark Martin, Beth Amundson

Not Present: Becky Clowers

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Paul Lake

Treasurer’s Report
Steve Sorenson reported a treasury account balance of $11,965.31. This includes a net deposit of $2218.23 in the month of January representing approximately 60 paid members.

Social Committee 
Melissa Smith was elected Social Committee chairperson at the annual POA meeting, but had to bow out due to family obligations.  Kristin Clardy volunteered to take over the summer BBQ planning.  Kristin suggested a link be added on the BBP website regarding the monthly ladies’ happy hour.

Architectural Review Committee
Paul Lake reported that a registered letter had been sent to a homeowner on Brushy Bend Drive regarding the location of their fence.  The letter was received and signed for by resident on February 20, 2017.  Paul suggested we get pictures of the fence as it is currently.

The POA’s attorney has reviewed the revised Deed Restrictions; he feels the revisions are good and will get back to the ARC with his approval and directions on how to implement the changes.

Jeff Fluegel sent a homeowner a registered letter regarding his non-approved “carport” located on Hightower at Brushy Bend.  Homeowner has taken down the carport.  No further action is needed on that issue.  Pat will contact the same homeowner about brush piles on his property on Crestridge at Walsh.

Steve will send a reminder e-mail to a homeowner on Bushy Bend about her fence that is in violation of the DR, asking that it be moved back farther from the street.

One of the newer homes on Mayfield installed an approved carport/slab.  The slab is now covered, making it in violation of the DR.  An email will be sent to the homeowner asking him to remove the covering.

Membership Committee
Kristin Clardy presented her plan to increase POA membership.  She will be sending an email to all the e-addresses that have not yet paid their 2017 dues inviting them to join/re-join the association.  Kristin suggested the POA implement a better way of tracking paid/unpaid memberships.  There are 206 homes in BBP and her goal is to have 50% membership.  She is going to get membership lists from Mark Verrico and begin a membership drive.

Pat Harvey-Slager would like some feedback and suggestions on improvements to the website.  He forwarded a membership directory to the board members as a starting point for a neighborhood directory.

Community Affairs
Brian Wickman will attend the Round Rock Neighborhood Conference Meeting on behalf of the board.

He reported the 620/Wyoming Springs project is in progress.  The county is looking into the ROW along Sam Bass Road for expansion; they are also studying Harry Man from Sam Bass to the Cedar Park bridge west of the low water crossing.  FEMA is working on the flood plain plat.  Brian contacted the county requesting repair of the pot holes in the low water crossing.

New Business
Terra Vista’s HOA website has a community endorsement section.  Local businesses pay to advertise on the HOA website.  Brian Wickman and Pat Slager were asked to look into doing something similar for BBP.

The annual entrance clean up should be scheduled for March or April.  If there is enough neighborhood interest, the board will try to get the RR tool lending truck for the same weekend as the entrance clean up.  Jarrod Glazier has offered to re-do the BBP entrances; the board will ask him to present a design.

Jeff recommended that the deed restrictions be amended to include a minimum street footage and lot size.  This would prevent homes being built one in front of another.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:07pm

Beth Amundson
Secretary, BBP POA


January 18, 2017

7:10 Meeting was called to order by POA president Paul Lake.  Current officers and board members introduced themselves.

  • Secretary Beth Amundson read the minutes from the January 20, 2016, annual meeting. Minutes were approved.
  • Newly elected Sheriff Robert Chody spoke briefly. He stated that Brushy Bend Park is a safe neighborhood.  There have been very few calls to the sheriff’s office regarding serious crimes in the neighborhood.  He advised residents to keep their homes and cars locked to prevent theft.
  • Paul Lake recapped 2016 activity in a “Year at a Glance” presentation.

1) The LCRA transmission line – residents were encouraged to express their opinions about the line on   the LCRA website

2) On-line memberships to the POA became available

3) The on-line Brushy Bend Park directory was updated

4) The Round Rock tool lending trailer was made available to residents in July

5) In June & July the entrances to the subdivision were cleaned up

6) The annual picnic was held at Chris Walsh’s ranch in June

7) There is now a Welcome Wagon page on the BBP website

8) A “stage 4” abatement letter was sent to a resident who has refused to comply with deed restrictions

9) The Halloween hayride was attended by about 100 kids on 5 trailers

10) On December 29, 2016, Aqua Texas took over administration of BBP’s water from Brushy Creek  MUD

  • Paul Lake gave the treasurers report. There were 71 members in 2016.  The POA had a net profit of $846.
  • Brian Wickman, Road Committee. The Creek Bend road extension and bridge are now open.  The county has finalized plans for improving the bridge at Great Oaks Drive: it will be four lanes; at current grade, and have the ability to handle a traffic signal (in the future).  The project is slated to begin mid-2017.
  • Brent Reeh, Area Manager from Aqua Texas spoke about their purchase of BBP water assets. Our water supply will continue to come from the Brushy Creek MUD; in a couple of years our water will be sourced from the City of Round Rock.  Brent advised all residents to make sure Aqua Texas has complete and current contact information.  Mike Marka is the local field supervisor however, Brent encouraged residents to call the 877 Call Center number if they needed assistance.  He then opened the floor to questions:   a) will Aqua Texas install fire hydrants?  No  b) the call center is in Illinois  c) boil water notices are required by TCEQ if water pressure goes below a certain point  d) your 16-digit account code will be on your first bill e) when our water comes from the City of Round Rock, there will be a city service charge added to our bill  f) fire hydrants painted black means they are technically “out of service”.  That designation is for the fire department’s information.
  • Social Committee Paul Lake presented for Noel Green.

The annual BBQ was great, several people brought their antique and special cars to show.  About 60 people attended.

Halloween Ride was successful.  Five trailers were not enough and more will be needed next year.

Ladies Night Out.  Becky Clowers said she would like to rotate meeting places and renew interest in the event.  Several ladies said they had not received notices about the Night Out, a list was sent around to have your name added to the Evite list.

  • Community Affairs, Brian Wickman

There are 31 proposed routes for the high voltage lines.  Route 31 has been endorsed by the cities of Round Rock, Cedar Park and Leander.  A judge will review the proposed routes and come back with a recommendation .

The Park is a new retail area near Costco in Cedar Park and should be open by mid-2017

Nine homes sold in our neighborhood with an average selling price of $171/sq foot.

  • Architectural Committee, Jeff Fluegel. The committee is an oversight group.

They reviewed 19 cases.  There are currently 4 homes in violation.

There is a five-man committee working on proposing amendments to the deed restrictions.  They are working on several points and almost ready for lawyer review.  Points include:  a) updating fence material requirements  b) defining what constitutes living space vs. storage space; not require both to   fall under the same exterior requirements c) define the difference between an ‘animal’ and a ‘pet’ and       update the number of each allowed on each property  d) define ‘natural stone’,  hardy plank is not a   natural stone.

Michael Huemmer stated that owner’s presentation to the ARC does not to need to be a formal document.  He showed the flow chart of how the ARC works

  • Membership Committee, Mark Verrico. There are 206 properties in BBP and only 70 members of the POA.  He asked each member to speak to one non-member about joining the POA
  • Communications, Pat Harvey-Slager. Pat encouraged everyone to sign up on “Next Door” website if they have not already.
  • Neighborhood Assistance Committee, Becky Clowers. There is a new Welcome Wagon section on the POA website offering information about the Neighborhood Watch, general utilities information, neighborhood cleanup and Round Rock tool lending trailer information.  Becky then gave a presentation on what Neighborhood Assistance Committee is all about.
  • Paul Lake said the Neighborhood Watch program street listings need to be updated and renewed.
  • The floor was then opened for nomination of new officers.

Noel Green, Social Committee and Mark Verrico, Membership Committee stepped down from their positions

Melissa Smith was nominated for Social Committee

Kristin Clardy was nominated for Membership Committee

Mark Martin was nominated to join the Architectural Committee

The three new nominees and remaining board members were unanimously voted in.

  • Paul Lake opened the floor to new business

The entrances need to be updated and repaired

A new strategy is needed to increase membership

A new venue is needed for the annual picnic, and new events added

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm

Beth Amundson
Secretary, Brushy Bend Park POA


BBP POA Board Meeting
September 22, 2016

Present:   Paul Lake, Jeff Fluegel, Noel Green, Brian Wickman, Pat Harvey-Slager, Beth Amundson

Not present:  Michael Huemmer, Steve Sorenson, Mark Verrico, Becky Clowers

Meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Paul Lake

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Report
The committee is enacting a review process for deed restriction violations to:  1-address issues,  2-log and track issues,  3-assign case numbers to issues

A property owner at 1505 Brushy Bend Drive has failed to respond to attempts by the ARC to resolve the fence issue.  This on going issue is now at the Abatement Level.  A certified-signature required letter giving the owner 90 days to comply is being sent to the property owner.

Another property owner at 1300 Brushy Bend Drive has given the committee a commitment to move her fence back from the road upon completion of a remodeling project.  As there are repairs still being completed on the property, the ARC will wait on taking further action.

A homeowner on 1800 Mayfield has stated he will make the exterior of two structures (the original and a new structure) on his property match, in accordance with BBP deed restrictions. The ARC is waiting for the owner to complete construction on the new structure to close the case.

Covered parking pads have been constructed at 2060 Mayfield, and at Hightower at Mayfield in violation of BBP deed restrictions. Both property owners have been contacted and will be sent letters via registered mail asking them to meet with the Board and discuss their situations.

Two new homes are being built next to each other on Walsh Dr.  The house on the south side of the property is being constructed on the maximum build line.  ARC is keeping an eye on the project to ensure it does not encroach on the “no build” portion of the property.

Homeowners at 2070 and 2060 Mayfield want to erect a small retaining wall between the properties to keep landscaping materials from spilling on to the adjacent property. The ARC is currently reviewing this request.

Homeowner on Mayfield has a sign in his from yard advertising his pool business.  This is in violation of the by-laws, however it is not written into the deed restrictions. The neighbor has agreed to remove the sign and the ARC will incorporate this provision into the next revision of the deed restrictions.

The ARC and its sub-committee are updating the BBP deed restrictions:

Neighborhood Assistance Committee (NAC)
The NAC will help homeowners with non-architectural and non-design restrictions and violations.  They will follow the same process guidelines as the ARC.

The NAC has asked that the Welcome Wagon information be moved to the front page of BBP website.

Instead of developing a list of recommended local service companies used by residents, there will be a link on the front page of our website to the “NextDoor” website where that information can be obtained.

Social Committee
Halloween is on a Monday this year.  Hay is still needed for the hayride, rental of hay may be expensive this year.  Paul will check and see if new signs will be needed letting residents know of the Hayride.

The committee made a proposal that a spring date be chosen for the annual BBQ Picnic.  It was suggested that the picnic be in April or early May—before the temperature gets too hot. It was proposed that we move the picnic location.  Location will be selected at a later date.  Noel will present a couple picnic dates at the next board meeting.

Community Affairs
The committee is investigating why the STOP sign was installed at Brushy Bend Drive near the low water crossing.  Calls to county officials did not yield any answers.

BBP has been rezoned for schools in the Round Rock ISD.  Some students will be attending schools in the Avery Ranch area.

Membership Committee
Report will be given at next meeting

Other/New Business
Aqua Texas is taking over BBP’s water management in January 2017.  Paul will ask that a representative of Aqua Texas be present at the annual POA meeting in January.

Annual POA meeting should be held the week of January 16-27.  Paul will contact the church about available dates.

Meeting adjourned 8:52pm

Beth Amundson
Secretary, BBP POA

March 23, 2016

Present: Paul Lake, Pat Harvey-Slager, Steve Sorenson, Jeff Fluegel, Mark Verrico, Brian Wickman, Michael Huemmer, Becky Clowers, Beth Amundson

Not Present:    Noel Green

Meeting was called to order at 7:06pm by Paul Lake

Board members introduced themselves and welcomed new members Michael Huemmer and Becky Clowers.

Responsibilities for these new members includes: Becky Clowers VP of the Neighborhood Assistance Committee and Michael Huemmer as member of the Architectural Review Committee.

POA Membership Committee – Mark Verrico   There are currently 64 paid household members with 204 households in BBP.  This almost doubles membership as of this time in 2015.  The board wants Mark to identify those who were members last year but have not paid their dues for 2016; those who attended the annual POA meeting but did not pay dues; residents who attend POA functions (annual meeting, hayride, picnic) and are not paid members.  By contacting these residents, Mark hopes to increase the number of POA memberships.

Architectural Committee – Jeff Fluegel   No letters have been sent concerning compliance issues to property owners at 1300 Brushy Bend and 1505 Brushy Bend.  The board decided not to send a non-compliance letter to 1300 Brushy Bend as it is currently under construction and the homeowner has stated she will move the fence when construction is complete.  Paul will send a non-compliance letter to 1505 Brushy Bend on behalf of the board.

A metal building has been erected at 902 Brushy Bend without committee approval.  The homeowner said he will bring the building into code when he remodels his house. ARC members will convene to issue a letter to the homeowner concerning acceptable timing and building requirements.

One of the disabled cars at 1800 Mayfield is no longer on blocks.  The homeowner has said he will connect the older home to the new structure with a rock wall to make the exterior of the two structures appear uniform.  The architectural committee will send the board its recommendation concerning action on this property.

The ARC provided updates to the board concerning construction going on at 2001 Vivian along Hightower; the shed being built on 912 Brushy Bend, metal buildings placed on 1105 Brushy Bend, and the new fence at 4501 Crestridge. Committee members will meet to develop a plan addressing any out of compliance issues.

The architectural committee is going to create a “We have noticed construction on your property and have not received your plans” letter to send when needed. A preliminary letter is due to the board for its review by April 17th.

Community Affairs –Brian Wickman   Brian discussed status of the proposed high power transmission line project.  LCRA will submit proposed routes to the PUC in April or May.  There is a substation being built near 1431/Sam Bass near the dog park.  Brian will write a summary of activity on the power line for posting on the POA website this month.

Construction continues on the Presidio and Millstone projects.

Six homes were bought/sold in BBP in the last six months. Brian agreed to contact each realtor/buyer when listing or purchasing a home or property in Brushy Bend Park and provide a copy of the Deed Restrictions for their reference.

Social Committee – Noel Green – The proposed dates for the annual picnic are May 21 or May 14th.

Neighborhood Assistance—Becky Clowers  The proposed dates for the neighborhood clean up are April 16 and April 23.  Becky will contact Joe Brehm with the City of Round Rock to see if the Equipment Trailer is available at that time.  Neighbors are encouraged to contact Becky and nominate a neighbor who may need assistance in maintaining their property.

Becky and her committee are also working on a Welcome Wagon.  The package will have FAQs, utility guide references, suggested service resources, emergency contact numbers and district links, list of things the POA has to offer, and other useful information.  She would like to send out a survey letter to residents asking for their input for suggested service providers –electric, painting, plumbing, etc.

Communications Committee—Pat Harvey-Slager    Pat is going to start fresh on a directory rather than trying to update the old list.

Treasury Report—Steve Sorenson  There is currently $11,804 in the POA account, up from $8900 at year end.

There is no new news regarding Roads and Infrastructure.

New Business   The POA deed restriction signs at the entrances need to be updated with new PO Box number and website.  Paul has contacted someone about updating the signs and replacing one.  The board approved $250 for new signs.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25pm

Beth Amundson, Secretary


January 20, 2016

7:00 Meeting was called to order by POA president Paul Lake. Current officers and board members introduced themselves.

Secretary Beth Amundson read the minutes from the January 20, 2015, annual meeting. Minutes were approved.

Steve Sorenson presented the treasurers report.

Officer from Williamson OCinty Sherrifs Office presented the neighborhood crime report for David Ferrero. A copy of the report was available to attendees as well as magnets with emergency numbers on them. Crimes included burglary, credit card abuse and speeding. Matt reminded people to lock car doors, keep garage doors closed. He suggested installing closed circuit cameras if possible. Call the sheriff’s office if you are going to burn at 512-943-1389.

Paul Lake recapped the POA’s activities in a “Year at a Glance” presentation. The board added three new members; there was a neighborhood spruce up day using the City of Round Rock’s tool trailer; membership drive; new website additions. There was also a meeting with an attorney regarding deed restriction violations. The POA moved it’s mailbox location; there was a Halloween Hayride; the board purchased Directors’ and Officers’ insurance. Brushy Bend Park’s water service wa sold to Aqua Texas.

Nominations were opened for officer and board positions. Wayne Wright and Bill Kenyon stepped down from their positions. Jeff Fluegel will assume Wayne Wright’s position and Brian Wickman is assuming Bill Kenyon’s. All current board members were re-elected.

Two committees are being formed. 1) Architectural review and protocol committee and 2) Community affairs committee. Becky Clowers nominated herself for any position she would be able to help with. Michael Hummer was nominated for Architectural Review. Mark Martin nominated himself for Architectural Protocol. All three nominees were approved.

Paul Matthews and Donna Parker, candidates for Williamson County Commissioner precinct 1 made brief presentations and had a short Q&A period.

7:55 Paul Lake called for a brief break

Brian Wickman, Road Committee. The Williamson County survey report should be completed and presented to POA board in March 2016.

Paul Lake, Water Committee. In October 2015 Brushy Bend Park’s water service was sold to Aqua Texas. Brent Reeh, Area Manager from Aqua Texas then spoke. He said there would be no rate change for 5 years. Tonkawa and Great Oaks subdivisions are members of Aqua Texas. Their water comes from the City of Round Rock. BBP’s water source will continue to be Brushy Creek MUD, it may come from the City of Round Rock in the distant future. Brent explained that a main difference effecting service from Aqua Texas vs. Brushy Creek MUD is that major repair/upgrade costs for BBP would be spread among all Aqua Texas customers (approx. 16,000) rather than the 200 BBP users.

Noel Green, Social Committee. Due to rainy weather conditions the annual BBQ picnic was cancelled. It will be held at Walsh Ranch in the spring. The Halloween Hayride was a success. The staging area was moved to Mayfield at Walsh Dr. There are also plans to have a “Dogs and Rods” auto show. All women are invited to the monthly Happy Hour, it is held at a local restaurant the third Tuesday of each month. There are plans for holding it quarterly at private homes.

Brian Wickman, Community Affairs. He urged residents to make their opinions on the proposed installation of high voltage power lines along the Brushy Creek Park Trail known. You can contact LCRA through their website and through the Save Brushy Creek Trail website. Nine homes were sold in BBP during the past year. The Presidio Project is a 100 acre, hotel/office/retail area being developed in the 1431/Parmer Lane area. It will be where the proposed water park was slated to be.

Jeff Fluegel, Architectural Committee. Per the exit survey from the January 2015 annual meeting, members were concerned about enforcement of deed restrictions. There are three steps to taking action on deed restriction violations: 1) send a letter 2) meet with homeowner 3) take legal action. The committee is seeking five volunteers to look at current deed restrictions and make suggestions to update and clarify them.

Mark Verrico, Membership Committee. There are 204 homes in BBP and 60 members of the POA. Dues will remain $50 per year. The committee’s goal is to increase membership by 60%. Neighborhood Pride stickers are available to all residents.

Pat Harvey-Slager, Communications. Please let him know if you have any suggestions for the website. Pat encourages all residents to join the ‘Next Door’ website. It has information concerning the other neighborhoods in our area as well as

Paul Lake, New Business. Concerns have increased about new construction, i.e. houses and fences. The board would like to see a Welcome Wagon formed and neighborhood information given to new residents. Members stated they would like “No Thru Trucks” signs posted as well as speed limit signs increased. The new post office box address needs to be updated on the entrance signs.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:08pm

Beth Amundson
Secretary, Brushy Bend Park POA


DECEMBER 2, 2015

Present:  Paul Lake, Bill Kenyon, Noel Green, Jeff Fluegel, Steve Sorenson, Pat Harvey-Slager, Beth Amundson   Not present:  Wayne Wright, Brian Wickman, Mark Verrico

Meeting called to order at 7:10pm

Paul went over the new Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance policy with the board.  It is a Cincinnati Insurance Co policy written through William Gannon Ins,, Austin, TX.  The policy is for three years with a guaranteed cost of $1,050 per year and can be cancelled at the end of each period (year) without penalty.

BBP POA has changed mail service from the post office to PostNet at 1431 and Parmer Lane.  The website will reflect the address change as well as “Property Owners Assoc.” instead of “Homeowners Assoc.”  The association was set up as a “Property Owners Assoc.”.

The board went over the proposed agenda for the annual property owners’ meeting in January 2016.

The board has been following the outcome of a trial brought by the Great Oaks HOA against a resident who uses his home as a business in violation of their HOA policy.  The trial is completed and the judge is still deliberating.

There was discussion regarding getting the county involved in the problem of rushing/flooding water in the neighborhood.  Recent rains have washed out parts of Walsh Drive.

The board is considering forming a committee to oversee neighborhood beautification.

Letters need to be sent to two property owners who are in violation of the POA’s fence policy.

50% of the property owners are needed to make changes and/or updates to the deed restrictions.  The board feels updates and clarifications are needed to the current deed restrictions.

Noel will put up the Christmas decorations as soon as possible.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm
Beth Amundson, Secretary

October 14, 2015

Present: Paul Lake, Brian Wickman, Steve Sorenson, Pat Harvey-Slager, Noel Green, Mark Verrico, Wayne Wright, Beth Amundson   Not present: Jeff Fluegel, Bill Kenyon

Meeting called to order at 7pm.

Purpose of meeting was review investigations and recommendations by the architecture committee regarding three non-complaint fences.

1) 1300 Brushy Bend – A formal notice was sent to the home owner who put up the fence which was out of compliance based on the Brushy Bend Park deed restrictions (notification Oct 2012). The house was sold in Aug 2013 and sold to the Hicks in Aug 2015. Ms Hicks submitted drawings for remodeling improvements and stated the fence would not be moved until all improvements were completed.

2) 1505 Brushy Bend – An out-of-compliance notice was delivered to the homeowner in 2012. Homeowner did not respond to the notice.

3) 1504 Mayfield – Builder installed fence in a location which was against the architecture committee recommendation and declined to move the fence.

A motion was made to issue the homeowners of 1300 Brushy Bend and 1505 Brushy Bend a formal written notification of their violation of deed restrictions per the BBP by-laws. Motion passed 8 for sending notices, 0 against.

The BOD was unable to determine if the builder of 1504 Mayfield was in violation of the deed restrictions and asked the architecture committee to gather more information.

The following topics are planned to be added to the January 2016 annual POA meeting agenda:

1) Formation of a committee to revise/update/clarify wording in the deed restrictions.

2) Formation of a neighborhood beautification committee.

Other business

Two more trailers are needed for the Halloween Hay Ride. Everything else is taken care of.

The proposed routing of LCRA’s high voltage power lines running to Leander from the Sam Bass substation was discussed. Brian W. will put together a brief summary of LCRA meeting he attended for posting on the BBP website.

It was proposed that a representative from Aqua Texas speak at the annual meeting in January 2016.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm
Beth Amundson, Secretary

JUNE 10, 2015

Present: Paul Lake, Jeff Fluegel, Mark Verrico, Steve Sorenson, Wayne Wright, Brian Wickman, Noel Green, Bill Kenyon, Beth Amundson. Absent: Pat Harvey Slager

Meeting was called to order 7:00pm

Social Committee: Update on the picnic. Keith Lindel will take care of mowing the lot. Dana will not have a server this year, volunteer needed. Board members will lend the tables needed. Someone is needed to make sure everyone checks in and signs a waiver. Noel will take care of all the games. Flyers were passed out letting residents know there would be vintage cars shown at the picnic.

Architectural Committee: Members Wright, Sorenson, and Fluegel discussed several properties with the BOD:

1. A lot owner at 2205 Mayfield said he will not provide plans to the HOA, but stated the house would comply with all deed restrictions.

2. Plans were submitted for 2070 Mayfield; those plans did not comply with deed restrictions requiring all structures to adhere to 10’ building setbacks from side property lines. The builder will revise and re-submit.

3. House plans for 2060 Mayfield were submitted and referenced a 1985 “Partial Vacation of Subdivision Plat” document on record at the County Clerk’s office. It indicates that all of Lot 16 of which 2060 is a part of was removed from the BBP S2P2 subdivision plat and then re-platted without any BBP Deed Restrictions. The Arch. Comm’s position is that the Partial Vacation document is not valid and that the original BBP S2P2 Deed Restrictions apply to Lot 16. The BOD voted 9-0 to hire an attorney to review “Partial Vacation of Subdivision Plat”; referencing the 1975 deed restrictions.

4. Plans submitted for 1885 Mayfield indicated that the house exterior would be clad in stucco and hardy board and did not comply with 50% minimum rock deed restriction requirement. Owner said they would revise their plans to comply and resubmit for review.

5. The owner of 1800 Mayfield wants to build a new house on his property. He intends to leave the existing house on this property and convert it into a shop. The Arch. Comm. found several Deed Restriction compliance issues such as having two functioning homes on one property, differing exteriors between the two structures and no connection between the structures via a common wall or covered walkway. The Arch. Comm. is discussing these issues with the owner.
General BOD Discussion

– New build plans on the Decker lots to the south of the rent house on Walsh is in limbo.

– New owners of house on 1800 Brushy Bend @ Walsh may want to build a garage. They need to contact Arch. Committee.

– New owners of a house 1300 Brushy Bend want to add a separate guest house. They need to contact Arch. Committee. They have agreed to move the existing fence (on Brushy Bend) back as far as reasonably possible. Because of the location of the pool behind the fence the fence will still not comply with deed set-back restrictions.

– The board recommended that a letter containing deed restrictions go to all realtors listing homes in BBP advising them of the deed restrictions. Brian Wickman has agreed to send this communication to each agent at the time of listing.

Community Affairs: Sam Bass Storage will store boats and RVs. They are currently getting required Wilco and TCEQ permits. Opening is expected August 2015.

There are no current plans to widen Brushy Creek Road from 3406 to 1431. The project will be on the November 2016 bond issue.

Construction on the Parmer Lane/1431/Sam Bass Rd road project should be complete in Jan-Feb 2016. There are plans for an event center at the NE corner of Parmer and 1431.

Brushy Creek road between Parmer and the Cedar Park bridge will be repaved by the end of 2015. The project will take approximately 25 days.

Membership Committee: The BOD debated and decided that every January a membership packet should be sent to each house. Mark will set up electronic/credit payment for annual dues.

The Welcome Wagon package link is on the website.

BC MUD: Mike Petter is still negotiating with Aqua Texas for the purchase of BBP’s water distribution system.

It was decided that there is no need for another mid-year HOA meeting at this time.

Meeting adjourned 9:09pm.
Beth Amundson, Secretary


Brushy Bend Park HOA
Board of Directors Meeting
February 26, 2015

Present: Paul Lake, Pat Harvey-Slager, Jeff Fluegel, Mark Verrico, Steve Sorenson, Wayne Wright, Brian Wickman, Noel Green, Beth Amundson

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm

Board members introduced themselves and gave a brief description of their board duties. There was then discussion of what was needed from the new board members (Jeff Fluegel, Mark Verrico, Brian Wickman). Mark agreed to take on the task of growing HOA membership as he has experience in that field. BBP currently has 32 member/households out of 200 homes. Jeff agreed to help on the architectural committee. Brian will work with Bill Kenyon and focus on getting a good handle on community affairs and how they impact BBP. Membership growth and enforcement of the deed restrictions are two of the main goals of the board for 2015.

In 2014 there was initiative undertaken to form a cooperative effort by the neighborhood HOA’s along the Sam Bass Road to address common problems facing homeowners. To date the Great Oaks, and Tonkawa Springs HOA’s have banded together with Brushy Bend Park to address issues related to road planning, deed restrictions, and neighborhood nuisances. In 2015 the consortium may be expanded to include the Spanish Oak and Hidden Trails subdivisions. Paul Lake is currently representing BBP in the HOA consortium meetings.

Results of the exit survey taken at the annual HOA meeting were compiled by Beth Amundson and presented to the board. In the survey HOA members were asked to list things they liked about living in BBP and then list improvements they would like to see. (summary included below). Board member discussion followed regarding residents’ responses, as well as possible solutions to their concerns. Where possible committee actions were identified and assigned.

Road Committee: Steve reported that CAMPO’s 2040 road plan overview no longer shows plans to widen Sam Bass Rd near BBP to 6 lanes (as shown in the 2035 road plan overview). CAMPO will finalize the 2040 plan in May. The major recreational development that was slated to be built by Schliterbaun off 1431 is now projected to be built on Parmer Lane near 1431 (across from the new Walmart). The projected road improvement/widening was scaled back due to the change in Schliterbaun’s location.

There is no new information on the closing of the low water crossing or cutting a road through the Brushy Bend Dr. cul de sac.

Water Committee: BC MUD put out a RFP (request for proposal) for another entity to take over BBP’s water distribution system. One bid was received (from Aqua Texas) and BC MUD is now in negotiation with Aqua Texas. Paul spoke at the BC MUD board meeting stating BBP’s cost concerns about the MUD’s proposed improvements to the current system. He told them that BBP residents have concerns regarding justification of the project and called out the lack of information and proof that certain improvements were needed. Mike Petter (BC MUD’s GM) had no updates on the Aqua Texas negotiations as of February 26. The current water committee (Jeff, Sunil, Steve, Juan and Paul) will continue to monitor the situation.

Social Committee: Noel said that newest BBP neighborhood event – Rods and Dogs – will be in April or May at the corner of Mayfield and Walsh.

Architectural Committee: A resident has asked the committee to consider approval of a request to build a new house on his property. The existing residence would be converted into a workshop after the new house is completed. The committee responded by denying the request. The resident has appealed to the BBP BOD to consider his request. Board members have been asked to carefully review BBP’s deed restrictions and the resident’s proposal to comply.

Communications: Pat has been working on updating the on-line directory and mailing list. He is going to add a link to a page containing a Welcome Wagon packet once he gathers the necessary information. Pat is also going to add information about the monthly BBP ladies’ happy hour and the upcoming neighborhood cleanup.

Spring Cleanup: Saturday, April 18, is the annual BBP entrance spruce up date. This year we will also be offering to help residents clean up their property and haul off debris.   The offer will be extended to residents who are unable to take on the task themselves. Noel and Beth will contact the homeowners who express interest. Clean-up begins at 8am. We need volunteers! Please contact Paul to volunteer.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:00
Beth Amundson, Secretary

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