Annual Meeting – Tuesday 1/20/15, 7:00PM

Who:  All neighbors in Brushy Bend Park
When: 7:00 PM, Tuesday, January 20th, 2015
Where: Round Rock Presbyterian Church – 4010 Sam Bass Road
What:  Annual Meeting, including updates from 2014, focus areas of 2015 and  HOA Board Elections
Why: Because each and every neighbor is important!  We all play a vital part in the preservation and  well-being of the neighborhood.  We all have our opinions and preferences, and they should be shared with others.  We all have a stake in what is going on around us.  We all can make a difference.

Important Note: Nominations for any and all HOA Officers are open.  Self nominations are welcome!  Contact any current office to nominate for any position, or send an e-mail to

HOA Dues will be collected.  2015 HOA Dues in the amount of $50 are paid in January for the calendar year.

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Annual Meeting Date Announced

The BBP HOA Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, January 20th, 2015, at the Round Rock Presbyterian Church on Sam Bass Road.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

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Happy October – Annual Halloween Hayride

Brushy Bend Park Homeowners’ Association
Presents Our Annual Halloween Hayride

Friday October 31st at 5:30 pm – Come join us for a leisurely hayride through our neighborhood that allows our children to move from house to house through the neighborhood and trick or treat on Halloween night.

When is it?     Friday October 31st.  Food is served at 5:30 pm and the Hayride will begin at 6:00 pm.

Where is it?     Meet us on the southwest corner of Mayfield and Hightower.  Mrs. Emma Holt has generously allowed us to use her backyard.

What can you do?

1)     RSVP.  Please let us know you are coming so we have enough food for all.  RSVP to Noel Green (   Don’t forget to wear your costumes.

2)     Put up the flag on your mailbox and keep the porch lights on Halloween night.   Help make it obvious that you want us to stop at your home.*

3)     Do you have a trailer or want to be a driver?  Let us know.  We are in search of drivers and trailers. Contact Noel Green (

4)     Help by preparing hot dogs, condiments, chips, salsa, and drinks or volunteer to help set up and serve food.  We expect a crowd to feed and need your help.  Contact Noelle Green (

*Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, we do not visit every home in our neighborhood.  While we want to include everyone, we have to take into consideration the safety of children riding on a busy street and space to turn the trailers around.   Live in a home facing Sam Bass or in an area not easily accessible.  Don’t fret.  Come join us.  You can help escort children to each house, monitor that fingers and toes stay in the trailers, prepare and serve food or just come enjoy the ride and company of your neighbors.

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2014 Annual Meeting Notes Posted / HOA Membeship Fees Now Due

The presentation from the March 5th, 2014 HOA annual meeting is now available for review by clicking on this link.

Reminder – 2014 HOA Membership fees are now due.  Dues are $50 per year, and may be paid to ANY HOA officer, but preferably to Treasurer Steve Sorenson (901 Brushy Bend) or VP for Membership Brad Dodd (1905 Walsh).

Alternatively, payment can be mailed to:
     Brushy Bend Park Home Owners Association
     PO Box 2261
     Round Rock, TX 78680-2261

Active membership allows you to be the first to receive neighborhood news and updates.  It also shows local entities that we are a strong and unified voice in matters that affect BBP.

Highlights from the Annual Meeting include –

  • Discussions on the Water Project and formation of a neighborhood committee to work with BCMUD on this project.
  • Discussion on roads in the area, including the potential of a new road cutting through the Brushy Bend Drive cul-de-sac into the new Hidden Trails development.  Another committee is being formed to keep up with road issues relating to the neighborhood.
  • Officers for 2014 were elected by unanimous vote.  All 2013 officers are reelected.
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Question & Answer Session from February 6th MUD Meeting

Here is a link to a transcript of the Q&A session from the BC MUD meeting about water line improvements in Brushy Bend Park – BC MUD WATER LINE Q&A SESSION


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Brushy Creek MUD Proposed Improvements to BBP Water Distribution System

To:          Brushy Bend Park HOA Members and Property Owners

From:    Brushy Bend Park HOA BOD

Subj:      Brushy Creek MUD Proposed Improvements to BBP Water Distribution System

Dear BBP HOA Members and Property Owners:

During the 2nd and 3rd quarters of this year the BBP HOA Board of Directors met with BC MUD management several times concerning the MUD’s proposed improvements to our water distribution system. In August results of a technical study conducted by BC MUD’s consulting firm Halff Associates were reviewed with board members. The report outlined BBP water demand projections along with system improvements that address the MUD’s capacity and reliability concerns. During the August meeting the MUD representative asked for feedback and comments regarding the MUD’s report and proposed phasing of improvements. These were provided by the BBP Board of Directors along with a list of questions related to project costs and financing alternatives. The MUD representative took our feedback and questions back to an internal meeting with MUD directors and developed a proposed plan for system improvements.  BC MUD would like to discuss this proposed plan with BBP property owners in a January meeting. Please look for a meeting notice from the BC MUD concerning a presentation of the proposed plan in the next several weeks.


Brushy Bend Park Board of Directors

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Letter from HOA Board about Traffic Changes

From: Brushy Bend Park HOA Board of Directors

Dear Neighbors,

We’re about to be threatened with the prospect of a rather substantial change to our neighborhood, and not one for the better. What’s equally disturbing is that we were caught unawares about this, and our elected representatives don’t seem too bothered by it, nor are they eager to help.

At some point in the relatively near future, we are likely to see a new road system that will turn Walsh Lane into a significant North/South thoroughfare between I-35 and Parmer and Brushy Creek Road and 1431. It will lead to a dramatic increase of traffic on Walsh, not only affecting those that live along that street, but all of us who either walk or bike the neighborhood or who have kids that do so. The last large undeveloped tract in the Great Oaks neighborhood – a 20- acre parcel that lies on our neighborhood’s southeastern border – has been purchased by a developer who has submitted plans to the county to build a number of houses on it.

Although previous attempts to develop this land have failed because of environmental problems, it has passed those hurdles this time. The immediate threat to our neighborhood lies in the fact that the county has told the developer to build a road jutting out to the west that stops just short of connecting to the cul de sac in which Brushy Bend Drive now dead ends. This road in the new development doesn’t end in a cul de sac; rather it ends in what is known as a stub, a street that just all of a sudden comes to an end. In the development world, this is generally recognized as a street that will likely be continued on at some point.

This stub is being built even though a look at the plat map shows another stub had been created years ago that was designed to be hooked up to this area when and if development proceeded. The original stub was to provide a secondary exit out to the north and keep the traffic circulating within the Great Oaks neighborhood. After pointing this out in a meeting with county commissioners, they informed us that this alternative – which was how the subdivision was originally envisioned – won’t be considered.

No government official bothered to contact anyone in our neighborhood about these plans. Rather, one of our residents was tipped off when construction equipment started appearing on the property.

A number of the HOA board members recently met with County Commissioner Lisa Birkman, her chief of staff and County Engineer Joe England. They were courteous and polite and gave us a substantial amount of time. But Commissioner Birkman offered no help in this matter and appeared more concerned that the developer have a new exit she felt was needed out of his community than with any thought on intruding on a 40-year-old neighborhood and creating an instant traffic hazard. Interestingly, it appears the developer would just as soon not have the stub built, but has acceded to it so he can expedite construction.

Ms. Birkman also appeared eager to close our low water bridge, although that was not given as the reason for extending the stub to the edge of our neighborhood.  When informed that most people in our neighborhood would prefer keeping the bridge, she responded with several exaggerated statements (e.g. “we have to pull people’s cars down from the trees three times a year”) and indicated it’s only a matter of time.

For the moment however, the immediate threat to our neighborhood is the extension of the stub pointing threateningly at our southeastern boundry. We do not know the exact timetable to complete these efforts, but the developer’s plat has been given conditional approval. We’re told the development in its current form is expected to receive final approval by our commissioners in the next few weeks.

If you share our concerns about what this infusion of new traffic could mean to our neighborhood, we urge you to contact your representatives on the commission. Lisa Birkman is the county commissioner for our area and Don Gattis serves as the county judge. They can be reached via the information below:

Lisa Birkman
Commissioner Precinct One
Williamson County Jester Annex
1801 East Old Settlers Blvd.
Suite  #110
Round Rock, TX 78664

Phone: (512) 244-8610
Fax: (512) 244-8616

Dan Gattis
County Judge
Williamson County Courthouse
710 S. Main Street,
Ste. 101
Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: (512) 943-1550
Fax: (512) 943-1662

Unfortunately, we’ve learned about this at a rather late date and the wheels are already in motion, but it could be helpful if you and a number of your neighbors contact our representatives and let them know your feelings on this matter.

We’ll provide more information as it becomes available. You can view maps and a number of supporting documents by the links in the post below titled “Brushy Bend Drive Extension To Great Oaks

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Brushy Bend Drive Extension To Great Oaks

Please see the documents linked below for information about a Williamson County plan to extend Brushy Bend Drive to Great Oaks Drive through a new development called Hidden Trails.  More information will be coming shortly.

Hidden Trails Plat Map Under Consideration

Area Map – WCAD

Comments presented by BBP HOA officers, Sep 23

Williamson County Commissioner, Precinct One

Lisa Birkman
1801 East Old Settlers Blvd.
Suite  #110
Round Rock, TX 78664

Phone: (512) 244-8610
Fax: (512) 244-8616

Mary Clark
Pct. 1 Executive Assistant
(512) 244-8615 Direct Line
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New Mailing Address

Please note our new P.O. Box – the address for the HOA is:

Brushy Bend Park Home Owners Association
PO Box 2261
Round Rock, TX 78680-2261

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