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Brushy Bend Park is located near Round Rock Texas, along Brushy Creek.  It is between Brushy Creek Road and Sam Bass Road, just South of FM 1431.  It features large lots (most are more than 1 acre), lots of trees and water, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet!

Questions or comments? Send an e-mail to webmaster@brushybendparkhoa.com or info@brushybendparkhoa.com

Interested in membership, or have a question about the benefits of membership?  Send an e-mail to membership@brushybendparkhoa.com

For all exterior construction, plans should be submitted to the Architecture Review Committee.

Mailing Address:
Brushy Bend Park Property Owners Association
2800 E. Whitestone Blvd. #120-101
Cedar Park, Tx  78613-7275

We will continue to add content and update information on our website, based on feedback from neighbors.  Any comments or feedback on content are welcome.  Check back regularly for content updates and additional features.

2 Responses to About Us – Contact Us

  1. Heather Holt says:

    Good Morning!
    My husband and I are buying and closing on 1906 Walsh Dr. Friday the 12th. We are excited about joining the community and we plan on attending the January meeting. In the mean time we will be cleaning up the property and clearing out the dead trees. Are there any restrictions on how we dispose of the wood from these trees?
    Heather Holt

    • bbp says:

      Hi Heather, and welcome to the neighborhoood. We’ve had many neighbors burn tree trimmings and brush after contacting the county sheriff. It is also a good idea to notify the servicing fire district, Sam Bass Fire Department on Great Oaks. Always a good idea to check check on any burn ban in effect (which there are none currently). Even if the path is clear to burn from a safety perspective, there is one other caution. If the trees and trimmings are from trees that had oak wilt disease, it would be better to cut the wood up and haul it to the Wilco landfill. We have seen oak wilt in the very close proximity to Walsh & Hightower. Always better safe than sorry.

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